K and 1st Grade Spanish Immersion


Los colores y la ropa


There will be different pages with different resources. This is the first for the month of August. They will be available all year long.

Click the pictures to find vocabulary practice games!

Colores del Arco Iris/ Colors of the Rainbow

Oral and visual flashcards from www.studyspanish.com. When you have entered the game, click "show images" (just under the game) to view color flashcards to match the words. I LOVE this website!

Mezclar las Pinturas/ Mixing the Paints

Paint mixing with a narrator who gives instructions in Spanish! It will slow down an already slow connection, and may bog down an older model computer. Be prepared, while it is a great practice for kids (oral and comprehension) close other applications first. Click JUGAR to play. I can't get this to play on iPhone.


Los Colores/ Colors

A cute song to practice Spanish comprehension and just to sing.

Las Vocales/ The Vowels

This song is about the vowels, and is appropriate for all primary grade levels to learn. The third grade kids learned this one last year and performed it!

Juguemos en el Bosque/ Let's Play in the Woods

This is a game that we will be playing to practice our clothing-related vocabulary. The kids love it! One person is the wolf in the middle getting ready to leave the house. When he is ready, he chases the kids to catch them and the "caught" child is the new wolf. Listen for the clothing words: los pantalones (pants), el chaleco (vest), el saco (jacket), el sombrerito (little hat)



 Pocoyo y la maquina que colorea el mundo/ Pocoyo and the Machine that Colors the World

This one is great, but you may have to watch a Fiber One commercial in English first. Sorry about that if  you do! But, maybe you need fiber....?





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